Matthew Plant

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About Me:

I am a systems programmer originally from the Bay Area currently living in Los Angeles.

I specialize in compiler engineering although I have experience working on everything from game engines to operating system kernels. These days I spend most of my time proselytizing Rust.

In my free time I enjoy drawing and game design. I'm a huge Tetris fan and if I'm in your town you can probably find me at the nearest poker table.


Polymorphism in Rust Using Arbitrary Self Types
Writing a Simple Garbage Collector in C
Nifty C Trick: Unwinding the Call Stack
Brainf*ck JIT Compiler in Around 150 Lines With GNU C
Senior Thesis: Using Gated SSA Form to Determine Function Equivalence


I am currently employed by the RASP firm Prevoty where I work on SQL parsing and analysis software. Therefore I am not seeking employment at the moment.

If there is an offer you simply have to tell me about, send me an email and I'll get back to you.

For more information, please refer to my CV:



Link to my GitHub account